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Self-adhesive manufacturers teach you how to do a good job in the appearance inspection of self-adhesive materials

2021-01-27 09:14:40

How to do a good job in the appearance inspection of adhesive materials

1. Check whether the self-adhesive material has burrs

The edge of the roller sticker material is smooth and non-damaged, which is the basis to ensure the quality of sticker label printing. Therefore, before printing, you must carefully check whether the cut edge of the roller sticker material has rough edges and whether it is due to storage And damaged due to improper transportation, roll down the roller adhesive material 4 times 5 times, and carefully check the cut edges.

2. Check whether there are cracks on the self-adhesive material

When the self-adhesive material is slitting, if the slitting tool is not adjusted properly or the blade is not sharp enough, there will be no cracks on the surface or bottom paper of the self-adhesive material, and the fibers pulled out from the cracks Will be stuck as an adhesive. Cracks may appear continuously, or may be random, may appear on one side of the roll sticker material, or they may be on both sides, so you do not need to carefully check the background and paper before printing, nor do you need to carefully check whether there are any small particles on the paper crack.

Self-adhesive label manufacturer

Then, take a period of time after analyzing the above-mentioned inspection sample paper, peel it off the bottom paper and check again whether there are cracks on the bottom paper and the bottom paper, because no cracks are sometimes very small, only after we separate the bottom paper and the top paper In order to keep discovering. It is worth noting that, as the ink and adhesive will gradually accumulate on the guide roller of the printer during the printing process, it will also cause the edge of the self-adhesive material to crack.

3. Check whether there is adhesion in the edge information of the self-adhesive material, and whether the bottom paper is missing silicon

The adhesion of the edge of the self-adhesive material or the leakage of silicone oil in some areas of the base paper will cause the paper to rupture when the waste is discharged during the printing process, and normal production cannot be performed. Therefore, before printing, take a piece of sticker material about 1 meter long and peel it off by hand to see if there is any problem with the edge of society or other important parts of the enterprise that cannot be peeled more smoothly. Under normal circumstances, the adhesion between the edge of the paper towel and the base paper occurs on the slitting roll coated with self-adhesive material, usually only on the outer layer of 7-10 meters, so it encounters the problem of cutting roll self-adhesive material. When the edges are glued, don't immediately assert that the entire roll of paper has the problem.

4. Check whether the slitting end surface of the reel adhesive material is straight and whether the rewinding tightness is consistent

If the cut end faces of the roll sticking material are not the same, it will not only affect the alignment time of the printing time, but also affect the change of the die cutting position and the difficulty of wasting;

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