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Self-adhesive manufacturers tell you the domestic development status of self-adhesive labels

2021-01-27 08:51:48

Domestic development status of self-adhesive labels

Domestic status quo

In today's society, due to the lack of profitability of digital printing labels, although the profit rate of a single order is amazing, most of the equipment is idle and the application frequency is not high. This requires new technologies to keep the cost at a minimum while ensuring the workload.

However, due to the ever-changing technology of self-adhesive label printing enterprises in my country, self-adhesive label printing has only developed in recent years. The future development of self-adhesive labels requires continuous improvement and improvement of customer experience in addition to continuous technological progress and updates. With the continuous maturity and improvement of the label industry and the improvement of consumer packaging requirements, the processing volume of wet glue labels will gradually decrease in the future, and the processing volume of self-adhesive labels will increase rapidly. The printing label industry’s demand for self-adhesive material solutions The demand will gradually expand. At present, China’s self-adhesive label information technology level is in an early stage of maturity, and its development is uneven: the east and south have a tendency to reduce production capacity, and the competitive environment is under excessive pressure; the overall economic and technical teaching equipment management in the west and north cannot be followed up in time. The development is relatively backward.

Self-adhesive label manufacturer

Domestic "Danger"

(1) The vicious competition among industry peers has led to instability in the relationship between enterprises and enterprises.

②The market risk is scattered and the concentration is low.

Due to the low cost of labeling, many people participate in this industry, which is difficult to manage and competitive pressure.

④The development of self-adhesive label technology is immature, and a complete resource management integration has not yet been carried out.

Domestic "machine"

① The average annual growth rate of China's GDP is relatively good.

② Self-adhesive labels are fast-increasing consumer goods, and the main target is Chinese residents. The Chinese society has a huge population base and excessive demand.

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