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Analysis of the problem of glue overflow in die-cutting

2021-01-26 03:31:24

Analysis of the problem of glue overflow in die-cutting

Bonding between bonding surface and adhesive

For self-adhesive labels with film as the surface material, the low adhesion between the adhesive surface and the adhesive is an important factor leading to residual adhesive and spillage. In order to increase our educational binding force, it is necessary to analyze and process the glued surface of the film before gluing. One teaching method is coating technology treatment, and the other is corona treatment. The corona treatment method is adopted by more and more enterprises due to its relative cost advantage, but it is very important to control the factor value of the rubber surface before and after the corona treatment.

If the adhesive layer is not cut during die cutting, it will be the same as the cut adhesive layer returning to the enterprise, and serious adhesion will occur. When the waste is discharged, the adhesive under the waste edge and under the label will be gradually stretched into silk. fracture. These floating wires continue to fall on the edge of the advancing label, causing one side (label side mold paper cutting direction) to overflow.

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The water content and solidified content of the adhesive are also important economic factors that affect the cohesiveness of the society, so strict management and control are also required. The cohesion of the adhesive is another factor that needs attention. The lower the cohesiveness of the adhesive, the higher the possibility of glue overflow.

Adhesive fluidity and coating amount

The fluidity of the adhesive is getting stronger and stronger, the more likely it is to cause glue overflow. When the temperature is higher, the fluidity of the adhesive is also better, and its initial viscosity is also stronger at this time. Environmental factors of high temperature and high humidity will greatly increase the fluidity risk of the adhesive, so our summer and rainy seasons are the seasons for overflow problems. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to the temperature and humidity control of the storage environment of self-adhesive materials, self-adhesive labels and finished labels.

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