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Waste paper recycling project boosts the development of self-adhesive labels

2021-01-27 09:04:01

Waste paper recycling project boosts the development of self-adhesive labels

In order to maintain the green, ecological and environmental protection education concept of "sustainable development", China International has organized a waste paper recycling project. With the gradual maturity of label printing, people’s market demand for label printing is also increasing. This project It is a new national management project for the future self-adhesive label manufacturers to focus on environmental protection. Self-adhesive label manufacturers and industry partners recycle Gracin base paper, and the recycled base paper is reprocessed for carton production. At present, almost all glassine papers on the Chinese market can be classified and recycled in terms of material composition. This project management has begun to be recognized by many domestic and foreign adhesive manufacturers and actively participate.

Self-adhesive label manufacturer

Under the current environmental protection concept of "sustainable development", many labeling manufacturers have taken the road of innovation and introduced new removable labels. As foreign label printing companies and products enter China, the sticker market has gradually developed. In addition, the domestic processing of various high-end labels has become the main reason for the rapid development of domestic label printing. Most of the products have passed the FDA indirect food contact certification and are highly safe.

At present, all self-adhesive label manufacturers are implementing customized special student problem-solving solutions, adhering to the development direction of low energy consumption and recyclability, and integrating environmental protection concepts in product development and design. Only this can promote the healthy development of this industry. The farther.

Different work performance and environmental protection knowledge use this series of products to compete with each other. Including detachable label series, smart label solutions, medical safety solutions, burning labels, vulcanized labels, POP labels, HPA tapes.

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