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Analysis of the problem of sticker die-cutting and waste discharge with label

2021-01-26 03:28:09

Analysis of the problem of sticker die-cutting and waste discharge with label

       1. Insufficient die cutting depth

   If the die-cutting knife does not completely cut the surface material, the label information will be easily taken away when the waste is discharged and the phenomenon of "flying mark" will appear. Failure to completely cut the adhesive layer can also lead to waste labels. Due to the scrap edges under the adhesive and the adhesion of the adhesive under the adhesive, the labels will intermittently strip and there will be wires.

   2. Adhesive reflow after die cutting

When the environment requires a higher temperature, the fluidity of the adhesive can be enhanced. If the distance between the die-cutting station and the waste discharge station is far away, improper control of the die-cutting depth will damage the silicone oil layer and cause glue overflow, which will cause automatic sticking. When the labeling machine is labeling, the label is abnormal or does not produce the label, or the tape is frequently broken (the bottom paper is commonly called "broken tape"). It is easy to cause the adhesive layer that originally needed to be cut off to reflow and adhere. At this time, the important position of the waste discharge side label is not fixed, and the number of enterprises with the label is often small. When the label is separated from the waste edge, obvious stretching can be seen.

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       3. The die cutter is defective

When the labels brought up by the waste discharge side are always located at the same target location in the world, the labels can be carefully removed from the waste discharge side, and a magnifying glass can be used to carefully study and observe the location of the adhesion when these labels are removed from the waste discharge side. If the area of the waste discharge side is the same as the area of the label, the squeezing force of the label after waste discharge should be twice the original. If we find that there are paper fibers that are pulled off, it is usually not the die-cutting knife that has a chip or the knife is blunt, or the pressure-bearing position here has caused a sag. This is due to the problem of the die-cutting knife, resulting in that the surface material is not sufficiently cut, and the label is taken away by the waste side, which is similar to the situation where there are gaps between the head and the end of the die-cutting knife.

  4. The area of waste discharge side is too large

For a round, drum-shaped or some labels with a special structure, the ratio of the area of the waste edge to the area of the label is getting larger and larger, the greater the pulling force of the waste edge on the label when the waste is discharged, the easier it is to carry Take the corporate label. Adding a blade to the waste discharge edge of the die-cutting knife board can disperse the force during waste discharge, and it is not easy to cause label problems.

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