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Introduction of aluminized paper self-adhesive materials

2021-01-26 03:40:40

Introduction of aluminized paper self-adhesive materials

1. Self-adhesive related concepts

Self-adhesive, also called pressure-sensitive adhesive label, is a sandwich structure: surface material, glue, and release paper.

With proper pressure, no additional heating or humidification is required, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive can bond to the substrate.

Second, the definition of aluminized paper

Aluminized paper is mainly composed of base paper, aluminum layer and coating, including direct plating and transfer aluminizing methods.

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Direct plating method: directly apply vacuum aluminum plating to the base paper;

Transfer method: PET or BOPP is used as the transfer substrate, and the aluminized layer is transferred and bonded with paper.

The direct plating process is simpler, but the requirements for the base paper are higher, and the surface effect of the transfer aluminum plating will be better, but the cost will increase.

Three, the background and current situation of aluminized paper

Domestic aluminized paper is commonly used for beer labels (mostly wet glue labels, matched with wet strength base paper), cigarette lining paper, food packaging, cigarette packaging, etc. Most of them are packaging raw materials, not self-adhesive labels. Due to the concern of environmental protection in foreign countries, as early as the 1980s and 1990s, aluminized paper labels were used instead of aluminum foil labels. Most of the high-gloss base papers were used, and the surface smoothness and gloss were excellent. The aluminized paper produced can also be used. Upgraded from the appearance.

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