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Advantages and disadvantages of self-adhesive aluminized paper

2021-01-26 03:38:56

Advantages and disadvantages of self-adhesive aluminized paper

1. High gloss: brighter metal effect, bright and elegant printed matter, which can well enhance the shelf effect of the product, suitable for some high-end packaging, and can also replace the large-area bronzing effect.

2. The characteristics close to paper: the aluminized layer is only 0.03 microns, which is basically the same as the characteristics of the original paper. It is softer for labels, suitable for labeling on some curved surfaces and small bottles, and is better than aluminum foil paper in the range of labeling applicability. Wider.

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3. The cost is more competitive: aluminum foil paper has a thick aluminum foil layer (>5um) on the base paper, so it is difficult to compete with aluminized paper in terms of cost.

4. Environmental protection: The aluminum foil layer of aluminized paper is less than 0.03 microns, which is lighter, thinner, and environmentally friendly. The self-adhesive label made is easier to degrade and recycle. At the same time, the aluminum consumption is small, which is conducive to saving resources.

Disadvantages of aluminized paper

1. High quality control requirements: Aluminized paper requires a higher level of smoothness on the surface of the base paper, and is more complicated in terms of pretreatment, aluminizing and other links. It has higher requirements for the process and has certain technical difficulties.

2. The embossing effect is not as good as aluminum foil: aluminum foil paper has a thicker aluminum foil layer, so the embossing effect will be better.

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