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Common problems and solutions in self-adhesive label printing

2021-01-26 04:09:58

Common problems and solutions in self-adhesive label printing

Self-adhesive label technology is also called self-adhesive label. The material uses paper, film or other enterprise special equipment materials as the fabric, the back is coated with adhesive, and the silicon-coated protective paper is a kind of composite structure material. And through printing, die-cutting and other processing into finished labels.

Self-adhesive materials are usually printed and processed on the label for linkage. The most common form of printing technology is embossing, and other printing development methods have some applications. Common faults in the printing stage are:

After printing, the ink layer on the surface of the printed label does not dry, it dries slowly or the ink layer is wiped off.

Self-adhesive label manufacturer

Reasons: The printing ink layer is too thick, too much ink and improper use of additives in the ink, ink denaturation or improper type of ink used, will cause the printing label ink layer to not dry, dry slowly or the ink layer is wiped off; in addition, The machine runs too fast and is dry. .

The solution is:

1. Use deep ink thin printing to reduce the thickness of the ink layer;

2. Use special ink that dries quickly;

3. Use matching additives and add matching desiccant;

4. Take effective measures to extend the drying or curing reaction time of printed matter;

5. Increase the room temperature and exhaust gas appropriately to speed up the ink drying speed.

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