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Application range of hot melt adhesive paper

2021-01-26 04:35:46

Application range of hot melt adhesive paper

In order for the majority of students and users to better understand the application range of hot-melt adhesive paper, and the problems that should be paid attention to during the use, and avoid unnecessary economic development losses caused by enterprises, the matters needing attention in use are as follows:

During transportation, when the temperature of the storage location is below zero degrees Celsius, the product must be stored in a working room above 10 degrees Celsius for 24 hours.

This product requires the room temperature of our studio and working and living places when printing, die-cutting, and pasting: the temperature in winter is not lower than 8℃, and the temperature in summer is generally not higher than 38℃.

This product is hot-melt adhesive, it is strictly forbidden to use Xia Yindong when changing seasons.

Hot-melt adhesives are generally used on the following adherends and should be cleaned or pressed when pasting.


Objects with insulating agent on the surface.

Plasticizers containing DOP components, PVC and plastic products such as injection molding, light rubber, and plastic pressure. Especially for plastic products processed by recycling plastic from waste materials (adhesive products for plastic can be purchased)

Things with particularly rough hairy surfaces, such as fabrics, walls, etc.

What is strictly prohibited during the use of this product:

It is strictly prohibited to dissolve, rubber, resin chemical learning materials and solvent contact and related attachment to the reverse side of the product to prevent loss of glue. Such as ethanol, gasoline, banana oil, benzene, formaldehyde and other highly decomposing solvents.

When product development needs to pass through the peritoneum, students are strictly prohibited from using oily and peritoneal glue containing benzene, formaldehyde, high-grade gasoline (easy to foam, easy to lose glue).

The open paper can slightly reduce the adhesion. After cutting the paper, use a corn to produce starch.

Products are used for offset printing and screen printing. It is strictly forbidden to use traditional gasoline, banana water, turpentine and other highly decomposing solvents in the production process of inks. Ink quality Ink or ink has high decomposition solvent self-adjustment. High decomposition solvent can easily decompose the adhesive at the ink area through the tissue paper, so that the ink part loses its adhesion. I hope everyone will pay attention to it.

Hot-melt adhesives are divided into general adhesive, adhesive, special adhesive, plastic adhesive and special adhesives for special adherends. The materials can be selected reasonably according to the adherends during use.

Before using the hot-melt adhesive, perform a paste test to test the effect of the paste, and then put it into use.

When using this product, all corporate customers are requested to strictly follow the safety precautions to avoid unnecessary losses.

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