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Self-adhesive manufacturers tell you the world development status of self-adhesive labels

2021-01-27 08:54:53

The world development status of self-adhesive labels

Now there are different printing methods for self-adhesive labels in the world, which can be roughly divided into three categories: North America, where flexo printing is the dominant technology; half of the European market is letterpress and flexo printing; the Asia-Pacific region is dominated by embossing, and the Asia-Pacific region is developing Most label printing in the country is still relatively backward, and most label printing still uses resin ink, web printing and sheet-fed printing.

Self-adhesive label manufacturer

Although our ongoing development of self-adhesive labels has been impacted by other electronic labels and packaging design forms in China, the advantages of self-adhesive labels have kept its economic development momentum still strong. Asia is currently a fast-paced area for the international adhesive market demand, much faster than the adhesive market in Europe and North America.

In today’s Chinese society, labeling technology can mainly be used in transportation and sales. From the perspective of the current development of China’s international economic market, food and medical care have a great influence on the demand for labeling products. From the global electronic label market situation Look, providing unique value-added services will also follow the concept of green environmental protection and take the road of sustainable development. Self-adhesive labels account for 40% of the world’s different proportions, wet glue labels account for 42% of the world’s proportions, shrink labels and wrappers. Films accounted for 9% and 7%, respectively. Wet glue labels and self-adhesive labels occupy a good position in the global label and market.

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